Ide give my bottom dollar (Entry 210)

I found something to work with after half an hour. I didn’t see it, rather, I heard it. A fish striking the surface with aggressive attitude. Something along the lines of a chub eagerly gulping lumps of crust floating down a river. It was out in the open water where I glimpsed the fading ripples of whatever fish had struck the surface. I gathered my tackle and walked to the nearest peg, a peg right in the teeth of the cold easterly wind that hurtled across the venue, making the air temperature feel a few degrees colder than it actually was. Having fished the peg before, I knew it was roughly two feet deep, and it was at this depth to which I set my rig. I gave the swim fifteen minutes of free feed, casters today, before giving in and allowing myself the first cast. So in total; forty five minutes of preparation. All worthwhile when your float flies under on the first cast within seconds of it hitting the water.


Even better when it’s your target fish that takes the hookbait. A good sized fish too, and for an ide it fought really well, like a big bream being lead in from fifty yards range, it couldn’t be rushed. As soon as the fish was in the net two more pouches of casters were fired out into the swim whilst I dealt with the fish. Something to regroup any spooked fish still out there. On the next cast, I missed a bite, so swiftly fed another few pouches of casters without making a cast. Third cast and the second fish was hooked, an even bigger example than the first, taken just as the rig fully set at dead depth. I couldn’t have been happier.


This really was an immaculate fish, my PB too, for the ide/orfe species. Ide are a great looking fish, a blur between chub and roach, all steep shoulders and depth, and although their fight is not spectacular, they can have you on the edge of your seat. From sedation they spring into life, head shaking violently, all this happening at the surface so you know exactly what you have got to lose. In total over the next ninety minutes or so I managed to take six of these amazing fish. I had to follow them around the swim a little, vary the amount of feed and the regularity I was feeding it at, but it was enthralling and rewarding fishing.


The last fish of the day was certainly no ide, though it was still taken on the drop, and on a single caster. Initially I thought it was a small carp so was quite surprised to see a tench pop to the surface some minutes later. It was obvious, now, that the ide had left the area. For a time I walked the banks again looking, or rather listening for, any further signs of them. This time, however, the water was silent, save for the gentle lapping of the ripples. I fished on regardless, more to soak in the atmosphere, than with expectancy of adding to my tally. It really didn’t matter one bit that the float wasn’t going to go under for a final time. This had been a day to remember.


And can I apologise for the terrible title pun. I really couldn’t help myself.

Thanks for reading and until next time,