Classics are classics (Entry 204)

Over the past season I have, like a lot of people, really saw the benefits of light lure fishing. Now, I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have found out that if you find where the fish are and put something they want in front of them its surprising just how instant the action can be. Being relatively new to this however, I don’t have may lure patterns to choose from, soft lures mainly, and there are days when I am unsure they are what the fish really want.

That’s where these lures make their entrance. Made by Theseus, the Pred-X range is brilliant for people staring their journey into lure fishing, just like me. Good quality, and more importantly, plenty of variety. Spinners, spoons, worm baits with tiny propellors, curly tail soft lures, there is all sorts! I Primarily fish for perch when lure fishing, so I was keen to get down to the river and try out these spinners, and in the slower, deeper areas some soft lures. The only problem was that on arrival, the normally sedate river was angry and rising.


A change of venue meant that it was once again the canal I targeted. I was sure a tough day was ahead of me. First up was the spinners. Straight from the packet the first thing I inspected was the hooks. Plenty sharp enough for me. Something all to readily skimped on, sadly, but not the case here. Then the not so simple choice of what to choose. In the end, and expecting to cycle through many during the next few hours, I chose what I thought would suit the depth which in my case was a just a few feet. I was amazed at the vibration that I could feel emanating up the braid and through the rod blank. Any predators in the area would certainly know the spinner was there, perch, pike, and even big chub.


Having such a collection, I became aware of casting into areas I would normally deem ‘to dangerous’ with only a handful of lures. But as I remember a great chub angler saying once, if you don’t lose a few hooks on a days chub fishing you are not casting into the right places. I think the same could be said about lure fishing. More than impressed with the spinners, though less than impressed with the fact the fish were not playing ball, I thought it best to seek out some deeper areas for the next hour or so. It had been a cold night after all and perhaps the small fish were laying up in such places. An opportunity not to be missed by hungry predators.


The LRF soft lure selection worked a treat here. Plenty of small perch made an appearance. The imagined the hypnotic action of the curly tail was just too much to resist for these tiddlers. On a tough day I was very happy to have had a little action. The smallest, yellow coloured lure worked best, and even though the fish were struggling to top a few ounces, I was always ready for a big fish to engulf the lure on the next cast. One of the most exciting aspects of light lure fishing. From 3oz to 3lb in a heartbeat.


By now I had only an hour left, the best hour admittedly, that being the end of day into dusk. For it, I changed to the small spoons, the only lure I had not yet given a try. My thinking was that if the fish were going to give chase, and it seemed they were not really up for it, they might just change their mind if that mouthful looked more like five mouthfuls. For such simple lures, I was impressed with the versatility of the spoons. I could retrieve them quickly and high in the water, or deeper down and more slowly, even stop retrieving altogether and let if flutter temptingly in the flow, near outlets and run offs. They also had a red bait flag at the hook end, which added colour, and vibration. A great touch.


If you are looking to expand your collection, but don’t want to spend the earth, these lures will offer plenty of variety. Classic are classics for a reason, after all. I really should have put some of these in my lure bag months ago. And now I have, I cant wait to get out on the river when conditions are more favourable. Confidence and flexibility really are the keys to catching.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning some of these lures, then simply head over to my Facebook page, and enter the draw. There will be three bundles up for grabs and all the details on how to enter are there. Good luck!

Here is link to the Fishing Republic website where the lures are available.

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Trio (Entry 203)

I suppose it was always going to happen. My first opportunity to go fishing in some time aligning with the weather taking a turn for the worse. Gale force winds chilled the air temperature and made sure it would do well to get above freezing at any point today. Like a madman, I hurtled down the motorway, half my thoughts fixated on that magical first cast to come, whilst the others were strictly keeping the car from being blown onto the hard shoulder.

It wasn’t the canal to which I headed, nor a river, instead I chose the sanctuary of a small, wooded pool. Or at least the sanctuary I hoped it would provide. With me was a meagre helping of ‘weeks old’ worms and a huge flask of tea. The many layers I wore made body movement cumbersome but they were soon appreciated when I took up my position, sat still staring at that beautiful orange tip bobbing amongst the waves and the strong, cold wind. For a few minutes the float did its best to hypnotise me, but just as I started to sink into a trance, the float disappeared without warning and with terrific pace. My strike set the hook and in the deep, clear water, a silver flank flashed.


A quality roach came to that first cast. Over a pound in weight and scale perfect. A sucker for a small section of worm. The cold seemed to affect me a little less after this instant action. The cup of tea I celebrated with helped to warm even more. So too did the procession of little perch that stole my bait and for a time I was concerned that they were not going to leave me alone. That was until I hooked something bigger. In the deep, clear water, a golden flank flashed.


I certainly wasn’t expecting that. My first crucian of the year, which like the roach, was superbly conditioned and fighting fit. I really was amazed to catch one in such cold conditions and it just proves that if there is something hungry nearby, you always have a chance, even when the mercury is well below what you would usually associate with a particular species. The little perch made an appearance once more, a dozen or more falling over the next hour, leaving me with little else to do than feed and hope something bigger again moved in. I ate a sandwich and drank more tea in the meantime. Half an hour soon passed and on my second cast in, the float sank away with much more purpose. Once more the hook was set into something that in the deep, clear water, flashed an orange flank.


Certainly a fish to brighten a dreary day. Colours more at home at a 90’s rave. Talk about Day-Glo. It would be my last fish however, for soon after a bank of sleet blew in and even though my optimism still burned, that was quite enough for me. I was more than happy with my trio of fish cemented between the countless little perch. And content just to be out on the bank again, stealing a precious few hours, getting lost in my thoughts, and the soothing ripples.

Thanks for reading,