Back to the cut (Entry 177)

Just Sunday afternoon free. Better than I expected to be honest. The weekend was going to be full up with a hunt for a ‘new’ car but as luck would have it Saturday saw the job done. I had a lot of things to sort out on the Sunday morning. Mundane, run of the mill things, but things that I certainly felt better knowing were complete. The tonic after all that? A few hours on the canal.

A lovely swim, apart from the duck weed

I headed to the same stretch as last week but decided to fish a different area. Seeing as it would be just a few hours, any knowledge gained would be good for the future, even if I ended up blanking today. I sat just to the right of small turning circle, a short way down from a bridge, the far bank flanked with dead reed beds. I had a few old casters with me, that had certainly seen better days, and a handful of worms. Good job the water was as cold as it was. The feed would have to be spared or I’d be heading home in thirty minutes. It was again a slow start, though there was plenty of wildlife to keep me entertained, my friend the kingfisher from last week making numerous flights to and fro, as well as a whole host of other small birds. With an hour gone, the float sprang into life. Darting from view, a quick strike saw a small fish on.

Bread and butter

A bread and butter roach. The start of just under an hour of fast action and lots of bites, most coming from fish similar to the one above, though interspersed were a few hand sized perch and the ever welcomed gudgeon, who happened to drop off the hook as it was swung to hand. As usually happens when fishing just one area on a canal, after taking twenty or so fish, the bites became less frequent and much more tentative. It was time to rest the swim, feed a little more (and I mean a little) whilst a cup of tea was consumed.

A better stamp of fish

In the interim, a narrow boat moored up to my right, and I was joined by the owners border collie who seemed intent on helping me watch the float once I began fishing again. I think he brought me a little luck too, as the next four bites were all from slightly bigger roach/bream hybrids with a liking for the whole worm I was hoping would attract a bigger perch. Still, I was’t complaining; an impromptu session had just served me up a welcomed net of silvers in quite lovely surroundings. Life’s pretty good you know.

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “Back to the cut (Entry 177)”

  1. Ooooooh. Very flash. Looks nice. Bit too nice for a fishing vehicle(!)

    I only said Skoda because every fishing forum thread on cars seems to end up recommending Skodas….

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