Roll on Christmas (Entry 171)

I don’t utter that statement too often, I can tell you, but after another weekend of fish-less action I can’t wait for the new year and a change in what to angle for. I have to be honest, I’ve been well and truly beaten by these perch, and a few weeks of getting back to some familiar territory definitely seems the way forward.

As I sat there in the drizzle, staring at the most defiant float ever to have been put on an anglers line, I became all to aware that eve after all these blanks and tough sessions; here I was. I still wanted to fish. Regardless of the outcome. I kind of knew that my float would only move today when I moved it, but whilst there is a bait in the water, there is always the chance to be proven wrong.

I’d arrived eager, walking the muddied and saturated bank, in search of the perfect perch swim. I walked further than most would. I didn’t find ‘perfect’ but I found on that was damn close. Carefully the swim was plumbed and hidden features revealed. I fed carefully and presented baits accordingly. One bait fished static, the other moving, hopefully edging ever closer to a hungry perch.

To pass the time I fed the robins. I fed the ducks. I decided to join them and polished off a sandwich. Still the rain pattered. I passed polite conversation with the other canal residents and shared my experiences with another keen angler, ready to start their own adventure, on this particular canal. Their enthusiasm was sky high, it wasn’t any more or any less than my own, just different somehow.

My heart went into overdrive sometime during the afternoon. A few taps on the tip, matured into a slow and definite pull round, though the culprit was not my intended quarry. It was either Ronnie or Reggie, and in any case, it dropped off as it was swung to hand. Much to my relief. For that moment though, that brilliant moment, where my own world began to blend in with the one below the ripples; I had escaped.

Yes, it is hard when things don’t play themselves out as they do in your mind, but when I feel the need to start to moan and groan, I try catch myself before doing so. This is a hobby. It’s all a little fun. If you start to take it too serious then all of the joy will inevitably be sucked out. There’s plenty of other venues to go and species to try to catch. Plenty of opportunity to simply fish.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Roll on Christmas (Entry 171)”

  1. I know blanks make the sessions when you catch seem even more special but you’re beginning to take it to the extreme now. Go catch some fish and wait until the cold weather comes before returning to catch those elusive perch.

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