One thing after the other (Entry 170)

I’ll keep this one brief. Theres two reasons for this. The first being to keep you all from falling asleep as you read. It’s fair to say it wasn’t the most thrilling of weekends. Like test match cricket when the run rate is barely above one. An hour. The second reason is because although I did manage to catch a few fish, on a second shorter session, I had an unfortunate incident with my camera. To say the back end of this year has been unlucky for me, both on the bank and off it, would be an understatement.

First up, those pesky perch. The canal fished very hard again this week. The wind still gusted, making fishing with light lures really hard, especially for someone as inexperienced as me. I had one very timid take that I connected with all too briefly, the fish didn’t feel that big to be honest, but I would have liked to bank it. It would have saved the blank that eventually played itself out and would have at least been a picture of a fish; something thats becoming all too absent from these pages.

Still, I thought as I drove home down winding roads, I should be able to wangle a few chub from the river tomorrow. A few hours presenting a lobworm into likely looking spots should see a chevin or two unable to resist. On the day the river was fining down, a little up on its usually level, and carrying a tinge of colour. It certainly looked good for a bite. Off I went to the first swim and presented the bait perilously close to a tangle of trailing branches. Two minutes later, the tell tale tapping of a inquisitive chub saw my strike meet with muscle, and a two pounder was quickly landed. A great start!

A fish at last!I got a photo too. It looks good doesn’t it? A blog with a fish picture! And more chub followed. In fact over the next two hours I caught five, of better size than the first, and all from different swims. So where are the pictures, I hear you say? Well, my lens decided to stop ‘communicating’ with my camera body. It wouldn’t focus, and even more importantly, would not allow the camera to release the shutter. Just my luck.

But I had caught some fish, whether you choose to believe me or not, and I certainly appreciated the tonic. I can still catch fish. Just not perch. Time to trawl eBay for a replacement lens or I’ll have to start presenting these updates with artist impressions and rubbish sketches.

Until next time,



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