No fishing (Entry 168)

I’ve had some nasty virus or other over the last week. It actually stopped me going fishing. It takes a lot for me to not want to go fishing, I can tell you. As I sat here, trying not to think about the fact I should be fishing, I felt the need to do something angling related. So; just what do you do when you can’t get out to the bank?

Check Facebook wall for updates on people who are actually fishing. Maybe even catching. Click the like button many, many times. Start to feel a little depressed. That wasn’t too great an idea. Something else then.

Next stop; YouTube. The thing with YouTube videos is that you can quite quickly end up watching something thats so far removed from fishing, you’re left scratching your head as to just how you ended up where you are. I started watching videos about sturgeon fishing, but was soon trying to hold in the laughter, as a variety of cats become severely startled by stationary cucumbers. I don’t even like cats. Or cucumbers.

Look back at old fishing photos. On the computer and actual printed ones. I still have some tucked away in envelopes now yellowed with age. They’re certainly not very well framed, half of a photo containing nothing but undergrowth, but these are really exciting pictures to me. In many way they are records of the very moments that really cemented a firm love for this pastime. A pound sized chub from the canal caught seemingly from nowhere or a modestly sized tench hooked and held from a weedy canal not far from where my grandparents used to live. Such excitement overflowing, that the photo and what is contained within it, were secondary. The fact that this photo needed to be taken at all was the most important thing. Hence the rushed framing and often blurry results.

Tea breaks. Every half an hour. On the dot. Interspersed with a biscuit or two. A slice of cake mid afternoon. Doesn’t have the same satisfying thirst quenching or stress relieving qualities as it does on the bank though.

Browse eBay, fishing forums, and other such purveyors of fishing bargains, and find tackle deals too good to miss. But don’t buy anything. You really, really don’t need it. You wouldn’t be buying anything if you was out fishing. Would you?

Sort out the tackle boxes. Usually for me it’s the smaller ones that get messy. Hooks get mixed up, link swivels where there should be run rings. You get the idea. It’s quite mundane stuff but sometimes there is pleasure in the simple tasks. Especially ones that are not taxing and keep the hands, and mind, from idling. You may even get some surprises. I completely forgot about this float. Good job I didn’t buy one earlier.  A welcome rediscovery and I think it might get an outing soon. It looks perfect for some caster fishing on the canal this Winter.

Which brings me on to the most important task of all; plan the next fishing trip. Plan a dream fishing trip. Just plan, plan, plan. Make promises that might take years to fulfil. It really doesn’t matter. As long as its fishing related, and provides an escape, then it’s all good. My short term plan is to have some trips to the local canals once the weather turns chilly. Fishing for roach. There used to be some very good fish to be had when I was young and I wonder if there is still the same opportunity. I hope there is. My long term plan would be to visit Canada and fish on the mighty rivers they have there, amongst stunning scenery, with the chance of catching fish of a lifetime.

It should more or less be evening now by now. Time to finish the day off with a few chapters from a good fishing book or journal. A drink of whiskey to warm whilst doing so. Then sleep.

I hope I can get out next week. I’ve never eaten so many biscuits in my life.

Until next time,



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