Moorhens and meltdowns (Entry 167)

Bad runs. There’s nothing unusual about them. Particularly when it’s perch fishing time; my nemesis and unfathomable species. I was lulled into a false sense of security more than a few weeks ago now, by some lovely canal fish, but as time has wore on, so the fishing has become harder and more frustrating. This is the stamp of fish I seem to be limited too at present.

Just a bit too small

No matter what I try or how hard I work, it seems that mostly the ‘reward’ doesn’t really match the ‘effort’. Two weeks disappear, sessions go awry, and those gremlins start to raise their heads. By the third week, I’ve re-thought my strategy (I was doing it wrong, see), and this week it will all come good. A little extra effort on top of the usual amount put into every fishing trip.

But still the same result.

Now, even the wildlife begins to lose its charm, those ducks are not quacking happily anymore, they are actively mocking me. ‘That guy can only catch tiddlers and even then he’s struggling to do so.’ Who knew ducks could be so mean? And don’t even get me started on other water fowl. Moorhens have become tame, so used to my statue-like presence, virtually eating worms from my palm when they feel peckish. Tame moorhens? I wish the perch would pay attention to this. If these normally so timid birds can do it then why, oh why, can’t you?

Tame moorhen

Of course, its times like these when a detox is called for. Fish for fishings sake rather than fishing for a goal. Learn to enjoy just the process of, rather than the outcome, and soon you’ll be smiling once more. For whatever comes along in doing so will be greatly appreciated. Whatever fails to show will remain inconsequential. In my case a waggler fished with casters, rhythmic casting and steady feeding, hypnotic and tranquil. A few beautiful roach banked as a bonus. Thats more like it.

Take a step back

So if you see a glum looking Mancunian this week on the banks of the river, saying he’s in search of perch, and looking quite close to tears; you have my permission to give him a short, sharp shock and to tell him to pull himself together. And if you could direct him to a flyer of a perch swim, that would be great, too.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Moorhens and meltdowns (Entry 167)”

  1. Great blog. Similar tale to my bass fishing efforts this year but with the extra headache of not knowing if they are still there to be caught… as Fred J Taylor once said, ‘I’ll be glad when I’ve had enough of this’

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