Blank sandwich (Entry 137)

A quick session was in order. To keep the spirit topped up more than anything else. I know I am going to be suffering a fair few blanks over the next few weeks. They’ll be worth it though. In a way they already are. Keeping my appreciation in check somewhat. With the evenings now growing longer there lay a perfect opportunity for a little stalking after a visit to my sister. Not far from her house is a small reservoir. It’s seldom fished anymore. Access is quite a walk but I know from past experience that its worth the effort. There are fish in there. Good ones too. Lovely scaley carp, small tench and big roach. I’ve managed to catch the latter to 1lb 15oz. Agonisingly close but a million miles away. A warm and bright day played itself out and gave way to evening. The shadows began to lengthen. Time to fish. I made my excuses, something along the lines of ‘I need to go fishing now,’ and left my sister feeding the family. Around 90 minutes or so of fishing lay ahead of me. Freelined sweetcorn was to be my weapon. Exciting and simple.

On arrival I did a quick lap, duly spotting a few small carp in the deep margins, and carefully introduced a few grains of corn. This lap was repeated another two times before I had an opportunity to cast. Time well spent. As soon as the bait hit the water a dark shape made a bee line for my hookbait. After it had sank a few feet the sweetcorn vanished. I struck and set the hook. A small, perfect looking mirror gave his best but I quickly won the fight. A beautiful, little clear water gem. No need to mess the fish around too much, just a quick picture as it lay amongst the soft vegetation in the margins. A pleasure as always to watch the fish swim away strongly. But that one fish was the beginning and the end. As if it had sent a secret message to the other inhabitants. Beware of bright yellow freebies. I fed one or two more fish but the moment to cast in never came. A pleasant evening none the less. I must visit my sister more often.

A gem of a mirror carp.The filling of the blank sandwich came in the form of another session after a big tench. Last weeks blank and a cool night forced me to change tactics a little. One rod was fished with a maggot feeder whilst the other one I stuck with a small boilie and pellet approach. I must say it was another enjoyable day. Watching more big carp cruise in the upper layers. A multitude of birds visited the peg, happy to receive the free offerings of maggots. Some of the birds came closer than others. Maybe a little reminiscent of what was happening underwater. Maybe smaller fish were visiting with abandon, gorging on maggots, whilst the bigger fish stayed back suspicious. Unwilling to make a decision. Or maybe I was in the wrong area altogether. Or were my tactics wrong. I guess I will find out once I have a little success. Thats positivity for you.

Now to finish off the sandwich. Another short session in the evening. On a different water this time but again I employed the same tactics. I hoped to spot fish, feed them, and if I was able to, cast. The only difference this time was the switch to bread. As soon as the rivers close I often gorget about bread. This season though I am trying to fish with it more, or at the very least, have the option of doing so. I still freelined, wetting the bread slighting once hooked for a little extra casting weight, watching the line for bites. It was harder on a water with less clarity but I was eventually rewarded with a bite. Just as the sun sank below the trees. Another one chance or bust evening. My bread was taken by another lovely conditioned carp, this time of the grass variety, and it made my evening. I left perfectly set up for this weeks visit in search of those big tincas.

A grassie on the mat

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2 thoughts on “Blank sandwich (Entry 137)”

  1. Both lovely fish but the scale pattern on the mirror carp is particularly nice. And let’s have a more positive attitude from you as talk of blanks can lead to more than of them than you expect!

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