Another fond farewell (Entry 133)

Well the rivers have now closed. All to soon its time to start thinking about carp from the surface, tench fishing dawns and crucians rolling in the margins. I did head out on the river for the last day. It turned out to be a tough and frustrating one. Busy banks and biting easterly winds. It took an age to find a swim and when I did there result was not kind. Not a sniff of a bite. But thats ok. I’ve had a very enjoyable few months fishing running water and a day with limited action gave me a chance to reminisce. What a backdrop I started things off on a tough little river, fishing evening sessions and the odd early morning one. I was after a bite. Just a bite. Thats how tough this little river can be. At least for me. Apart from one heart stopping moment, where I narrowly failed to hook a barbel I had spotted feeding in the shallows, I caught nothing. Enjoying my time there none the less. Minus the failure, that was entirely down to bad angling, obviously. Autumn chub I spent the summer fishing for bream, crucians and tench, not venturing back on to running water until October. The rivers were so low that to say they were running was a vast overstatement. Still, by fishing small baits under a float, I caught some wonderful chub and my first grayling over the magical 2lb mark. It was a fantastic memory and one that will stick with me for a long time. My first 2lb grayling More recently, I’ve taken the first few steps in getting to know a much bigger river. Very different to the small rivers I cut my teeth on. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and the river has already gifted me some super fish along with some wonderful sights. I’m sure that with time there will be plenty more to come too. The tip of the iceberg so to speak. Lovely conditioned fishI’m glad the last day was slow on the fishing front. It is good to stop and take stock of your own recent fishing history. It’s easy to get lost planning for the future and simply forget. I’m amazed how a little flick through the photos or fishing log brings these memories back with such vibrancy. But for now, its on to different styles of fishing. Different methods nd species. The lasting joy of angling. Always new challenges to take on, places to see and experiences to form. It’s going to be an interesting journey. What a place to be fishing! One last thing before I end this short update. I must say a huge thank you to the eagled eyed, honest angler that tied my ‘misplaced’ reel handle to a gate on the stretch of river where it was last seen. I couldn’t believe my luck and it did go some way to taking the edge off my ill fated last day. We’re a good bunch! Now thats a sight to behold. Thanks for reading this update. You might like to head over to my Facebook page. Once there if you ‘like’ the page, you will get all the blog, twitter and Facebook updates in one place! You can click the link at the end or hit like to the top right of the home page. Don’t forget to share this with anyone you know might appreciate it using the social media buttons below.

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