What wet feet? (Entry 113)

Entry removed.


9 thoughts on “What wet feet? (Entry 113)”

  1. You look pleased – understatement! – and so you should. A grayling over 2lb is a very special fish. I know of one angler who is particularly envious. Well done Vinny.

  2. This was the write up I really looked forward to mate and a very good read 🙂 Just shows the fish aren’t always where you’d expect them to be! A fine specimen indeed Tremendous!!

  3. Well done. I am still searching for that 2 pound grayling, as my own blog reveals rather too often for my comfort . At 1-15, close but no coconut….not even a brazil nut. A plethora of pound plus fish, but above 1-8 they get a bit sparse, and I cannot help think I may have to change venues.

      1. I know. I have no intention of failing. But are they not gorgeous fish no matter what their size? Almost all of my bigger ones appear to be males by the way. Do you find the same?

      2. At the moment I do as a matter of fact. All of the fish I have had above 1lb 8oz have been males. Stunningly beautiful fish I would say. Even, as you have mentioned, the smaller ones.

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