A few hours after roach (Entry 104)

As I sent the float sailing outwards into the pond for what must have been the hundredth time, a gust of wind blew it off course. I tried to right the trajectory on the floats decent but knew deep down that it was time to reel in and try again. Of course, this was no hardship. I was spending a few hours fishing the waggler shallow and frequent casting was part and parcel of it.

Todays view

It was roach I was hoping to catch. If truth be told I had already caught a good amount of them. Only small ones for the time being, but I felt that with a constant rain of maggots hitting the surface, it wouldn’t be long before a few of the bigger ones put in an appearance. It wasn’t just roach that I was expecting either. As we all know, carp are partial to maggots, and will readily compete in the upper layers for a bait fed regularly. On this occasion I hoped they would not be tempted by this banquet, my 2lb breaking strain hooklength and fine wired hook just wasn’t up for the job of realistically taming the brutes in this water. The float sank from sight and I was into another little roach.

Good enough for starters

More importantly I really was having a great time. When you really scale down, using a light rod and line, even small fish really give a good account of themselves. Twisting and turning, darting down from the surface in an attempt to free themselves. This had to be around fish number twenty now. They simply couldn’t resist a single white maggot. Red maggot saw me plagued with tiny little perch, like green wasps, they really were small. Funny how little changes can bring very different results.

A golden intruderThe next cast I tried a double red maggot and hoped that the small perch would somehow not notice them. As luck would have it, they didn’t. But instead of the float settling as usual, it stood proud. Sure a fish had intercepted the bait I struck into a solid weight. Not huge but certainly not a little roach. The pretty little crucian/goldfish/carp hybrid pictured above was responsible. The small patches of orange on its underside perhaps giving a clue to its parentage.

Patches of orangeAfter an hour or two the roach did get a little bigger. The odd fish now was around the 6-8oz mark. I was getting a bite pretty much every chuck though only converting maybe one in two. It was an active and enjoyable short session. I had great fun and caught a cracking net of fish. A great method for escaping any worries you might have. No time to think about anything else. Just concentrate and work out how to feed, where the fish are, and how you can keep them coming. A thoroughly enjoyable few hours passed all too quickly. But doesn’t time always do that when you are enjoying yourself.

Chunky roach and insert waggler

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