A summer tench (Video 1)

Here is my first fishing video. A look at float fishing for tench. A simple and satisfying way to fish for the species. The video is hosted on Youtube. Click on the icon to be taken to it. I cannot embed the video on WordPress at the moment. If you like the video and want to, consider giving it a share. It will be most appreciated if you do.

A Summer Tench


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7 thoughts on “A summer tench (Video 1)”

  1. Enjoyed the short summer tench video..
    The apprehension of that first knock etc says it all to me and many other tenchers…
    Very nice summer tench you caught on sweet corn..
    Perhaps a few words about the peg and why you decided to fish it..
    Did you prebailt..!
    Water depth..
    Then your setup etc
    Give people an insight on the tactic thats all as a lot of people who write in magazines or post videos dont actually mention their setup…

    1. That is a fair point Ant and something for me to keep in mind. I thought for this video I’d focus more on the atmosphere of being there, early morning and experiencing, as you say, the apprehension of fishing for these beautiful fish. Thank you for taking the time to comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

      1. Not a problem at all…
        I think the whole tench fishing hobby should be called the apprehension of tench fishing….
        Nothing like an early or late session tho…
        Tight lines…..

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