A short video update (Entry 101)

I hope you are all enjoying the summer. We’ve certainly had our fair share of warm, sunny conditions. Maybe a little too warm and it has made the fishing difficult at times. Or should that be it has given us all a very good excuse for when things haven’t quite gone to plan?

Speaking of things not going to plan I wrote earlier in the year about starting to make some videos to accompany my regular written updates. Well, during the dark nights I sat and day dreamed. Of warmer days after tench and crucians. On intimate estate lakes and on vast, daunting meres. I began to plan out scenarios and write out shot lists. Themes began to develop. I thought about which waters to use very carefully. I didn’t want them to be busy so as not to disturb anyone as I clambered around with equipment. Interesting venues were essential though. I decided on two. Both of which turned out logistically to be a nightmare. Both to fish and to film. Not the best of starts. It was time for a rethink. A quick one too as the summer was fast running out of sight.

Editing time!

Out came the reserve venue just as the mini heatwave began. The fishing was hard but I did manage to catch a few fish and film the proceedings. I’m over halfway through now and I’m confident that with another two sessions under my belt I’ll have all the shots I need to finish editing my first video. It’s all pretty exciting and certainly adds a pleasurable kind of pressure to things. This week I have caught some lovely, deep water tench on the float. With a backdrop of lush lily pads I fished close in. This gave me a great chance to get some close up shots of all things ‘tenchy’ particularly bubbling in the swim and tentative movements of the float.

What I think about in the middle of winter

I have since started editing the footage. I’m certainly learning how hard it is to fish and film. Things that I consider second nature with regard to using the camera now feel like much more effort. But effort equals reward my old man used to tell me. Anyway, enough rambling, I’ve got some editing to do. Back to the regular updates next week. Hopefully.

One of the tench caught this week

A sneak peak at one of the tench being returned.

Enjoy your weekend and tight lines,



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