Happy Birthday Northwest Fisherman (Entry 100)

A little bit different this week as my blog turns two years old and on my one hundredth post. The first post featured some surface fishing for carp with bread. Two years ago! Time really does fly. I suppose we as anglers notice this more than most. At the time I didn’t really know at all in what direction I was going to take the blog or indeed if I would enjoy it. For me it is all about enjoyment. That and making sure I get my creativity going. A chance to share with others how wonderful our hobby can be. I must say I used to find it a struggle sometimes to get the words flowing but now I really look forward to doing it each week. They may not be particularly poetic but they are my words and ideas. That is something I really get a lot from. Putting things down ‘onto paper’. It’s a great way to focus your thoughts if nothing else.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited the page, shared a link with friends, liked an entry, commented on and generally supported me along the way. It’s very pleasing to receive such kind words from you all. I’ve had some interesting correspondence, from equally interesting and generous people, on all matter of angling subjects. Information freely shared, and in return, received. More recently I have met some other wonderful bloggers and film makers with my involvement with Matt Hayes’ ‘Fishing Hut’. A wealth of skills and knowledge to draw from and a totally unique experience. I’d like to extend my thanks to those involved at Fishing Hut HQ for making me feel very welcome.

Once more, thank you all so much! I’ll now move on quickly to this weeks short session after tench. Scorching heat and bright sunshine certainly didn’t help matters. That and starting the session mid morning and having to be away by early afternoon. I knew it would be feast or famine but expected to find out soon which way it would go. The venue I fished, a shallow and silty one, would lend itself in magnifying the tiny bubbles often sent up when feeding tench are present.

A lovely looking place for a few hours

After feeding with a few small pellets ten minutes went by without any indications. I was using the pole today. Just something different to keep me interested. I’ve been doing a lot of feeder fishing lately and it was refreshing to be doing something different. And fishing the pole is certainly different especially in the gusty wind blowing in from my right. No make that head on. Now behind. Yes, it was one of those swirling winds. Annoying but something we have to take in our stride. As I was thinking this the float tip vanished. The strike met with a heavy weight that took a few minutes to wake up. This wasn’t a tench but a carp. Much larger than anything I was expecting to hook. A very long battle developed and after fifteen minutes had reached a stalemate. The fish was in the margins but refused to lift its head up. Unfortunately the hook pulled and I never got to see the fish. At least no tackle was left trailing with the fish and as I looked back towards the swim there was a bonus. Plenty of small patches of tiny bubbles. Tinca time!

Eye see you!

A procession of tench came my way over the next ninety minutes. The smallest around a pound and the biggest pushing three. Great fun on lightish gear. Most were female fish. Plump and ‘fair’ fighters. The odd fish was the more dogged and erratic male fish. I always think I’ve hooked a better stamp of fish only to be fooled by a smaller male tench rising into view. On the day though they were all appreciated, given the very hot conditions. I was very happy to have caught at all. Less happy with the fact I’d seemed to have turned the colour of a tomato. Remember that suncream next time!

A male tench's huge fins

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Until Next time tight lines




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