Something about horses and water (Entry 94)

A busy week this week has meant only one very short session of fishing for me. It made deciding what to target and where to go even harder than it usually is. Maybe some more silver bream would be a good idea? Then again, I really fancied fishing for crucians. It was the latter I decided to target. Although after planning an early start, trouble with the car meant I arrived in the middle of the day and had to be leaving mid afternoon. Crucian are not known for their day time devotion to feed. Much more a lover of early mornings or evenings and into dusk. I knew I was in for a tough time. I wasn’t wrong.

I started as I usually do. A little bed of groundbait put down, though instead of the margins I fished much further out, convinced this was where the crucians would be lurking in the deeper water. Of course, not to put all my eggs in one basket I fed a margin swim too, tight to some flag iris. I sat fishing for an hour in the deeper swim down the slope, changing hookbait, from pellet, to caster and then to the get out of jail bait, a red maggot. This worked, of course it did, what fish can resist that wriggling red morsel. However it was tiny rudd that were the diners. Fish not even capable of making an ounce in weight. Or of getting me to take my camera out of its bag. The bites stopped when I changed to anything else. Even bulking the rig to get the maggot past the rudd in the upper layers saw the float standing defiantly still.

A haven for crucian?

Time to try the margin. Same thing. Rudd after rudd on maggot but nothing on anything else. Even so, I was enjoying myself, taking in the surroundings, watching damsel flies skip near to the waters surface and take rest on reed stems. A tiny shrew seemed very happy with my offerings of casters, holding them in its tiny paws as it crunched them down.

A hard earned crucian

Eventually my persistence was rewarded with a bite on pellet. The fish fighting on the other end of the line was classically crucian. Thumping and diving in short, powerful jabs. It’s golden flank soon on the surface. How could anyone not be happy to see one of these beautiful fish? A shame I couldn’t tempt any more but I guess it’s us that have to fit into their schedule. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water…

The business end

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