That’s no skimmer (Entry 93)

A search for a species that is often overlooked this week. One that I have fond memories of catching on the canal as a child. They were only small; two to three ounces being the norm. Even so, I really liked how they looked. Some way between a bream and a roach. Only not like a hybrid of the two at all. No, it’s wrong to compare them that way. I’m talking, of course, about silver bream. Often hiding in amongst nets of skimmers and sneaking past the eyes of anglers who don’t give their catch a second glance.

A late afternoon/early evening session on a club water was planned. I had caught some of the intended species from here before and to some very satisfying sizes. Fishing close in down the marginal shelf would be the order of the day and because there is not really any way of singling them out from the other fish (at least none that I know of), I resigned it to being a numbers game. Casters and pellet on my side tray, I fed the swim and give it a little time to settle. I hoped I would get to see one or two of the waters chunky silver bream. As I’ve already said, I like silver bream, and though they don’t grow as large as their bronze cousins, they are lovely pearlescent fish and usually quite obliging feeders. Initially, as expected it was skimmers and roach making up the majority of the action, with the odd roach/bream hybrid thrown in. Nothing over eight ounces but all great fish to catch. A small tench livened things up. A really spirited fight on light lines and small hooks. It’s beautiful red eye peering back at me from the mat.

Teddy bear eye of a small tench

Eventually persistence and correct feeding paid off and I managed my first silver bream of the session. A good sized fish too, bang on one pound. You might call it a specimen sized example? Really rewarding fishing in any case. Double caster the fishes downfall.

The first silver bream of the year

With the fish returned it was back to catching the usual skimmers, roach and the odd rudd. A few angry tench pulled metres of elastic from the pole, it’s fluorescent colour brightening up what had become, a very dull early evening. The wind was picking up a little too. Time for the hoody to be put on. And some coffee too. But by feeding little and often, I managed to keep the fish biting and thereby increasing my chances of coming into contact with another silver bream. In the end I managed five of them, and had caught well over 40 fish in total. It had been a really pleasant few hours fishing so I don’t know why, in the picture below, I look like I have been kicked somewhere delicate. Please excuse that. The fish is a cracker though.

A forgotten species?

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