Plans for the next year and beyond (Entry 82)

If you are following my Facebook page you will have spotted last week that I, along with a few other angling bloggers, attended a meeting with Matt Hayes and Richard Lee. This was to discuss an exciting venture I am pleased to be a part of. One that proves to be very informative. On Saturday, Team Fishing Hut was formed. It’s aim is ultimately to promote angling to as wide an audience as possible. Maybe to inspire newcomers to the sport or to re-ignite the flame for ex-fisher people. I have since begun working on some ideas.

When I started ‘Northwest Fisherman’ just over a year ago, it was merely something to get my creativity going again. Since I left university it had dropped away drastically. I had studied fine art and after graduation, became quite disillusioned with certain things. One day at work, I thought about how much I love angling and all that goes with it. The sights, the sounds, even the smells. Cooked hemp anyone? Why was I not sharing this with people? A week of messing around on WordPress and Northwest Fisherman was born. And I’m glad to say that my passion, both for fishing and this little corner of the internet, continues to grow.

So what about these new ideas? Well, I suppose the one I am most excited about is the step into making videos. They will not be versions of what I already do every week in my blog. Instead, I hope to create short films based around a theme. This could take any shape and right now the fun is coming from getting varied ideas down, seeing which ones are workable and which are not. Hopefully, they will all explore the indeterminable things that get to the core of any angler. As I’ve just said, I am only just in the planning and writing stage but one or two of them are taking shape nicely. I expect it to be hard work but I am not put off by this. In fact, I find it helps spur me on. Inevitably there may be some weeks where filming takes over fishing and I may take these as opportunities to update you on what stage the videos are at, rather than report on a lost fishing session.

I’d like to say once more; Thank you all for your support. I can’t wait to get my new ideas up and running. I hope you will keep stopping by every once in a while to share in our appreciation of all things ‘fishy’. Also in the ‘Links’ section I have added the other sites that are a part of Team Fishing Hut. Why not check them out?

So, did anyone pick up on the ‘Spinal Tap’ reference?

Tight Lines



5 thoughts on “Plans for the next year and beyond (Entry 82)”

  1. Well done Vinnie, I have been a regular reader of your blog and have really enjoyed your diary entries and photography, it has been a joy to read. Thank you for also taking the time to add a link to my blog, very much appreciated and kind of you.

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