See you in June (Entry 81)

A short update this week owing much to the fact that I had an unproductive session this week. I half thought it would be but I also felt that it would be my last chance to get on the river before the closed season begins. Conditions were far from ideal. The river was coloured with a lot of suspended sediment in the water. Not a good kind of coloured Double white maggot for a hungry chubespecially not for this section of river. I armed myself with a pint of white maggots and my trotting rod, teamed up with a centrepin. I picked a lovely, long section of river that would be my home for the day. For the first half hour, I fed the swim with a few maggots every few minutes, and went about rigging up. I enjoyed the solitary surroundings in which the river resides. Apart from the odd dog walker, I didn’t see a soul all day. The high bank behind me sheltered me from the forceful wind. I couldn’t think of a place I would rather have been. I will certainly miss the river for the next few months but as they say; absence makes the heart grow fonder.

What a swim for trotting

To be fair I gave it a good go for four hours and fished until I had trouble seeing the float tip. Yard by yard my trot was shortened with the fading light. In all that time I had not one bite. It didn’t matter though. I had spent the day in the company of a living, flowing stretch of water home to big, wary chub. This winter, this particular stretch of river has not been kind to me. Only producing a few chub, all to good sizes though. Not the 5lb one I was after but lovely chub all the same. The summer was the same; it’s Barbel proved elusive and apart from a few smaller chub, I would have left those sessions fish-less. Still, even with her apparent cruelness, I know that come opening day I shall be back. Fighting my way through the overgrown banks of the early summer, in a bid to find the waterside, where I may once again fall under the spell of the hypnotic currents.

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Until Next time tight lines



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