A few hours passed (Entry 78)

When I looked out of the window and saw the squally wind and heavy rain it would have been easier to substitute boots for slippers. But I set myself the target of going fishing at least once each week, even if just for an hour or two. With a few red maggots left over from last week, both dead and live, I made straight for a small club water I hoped Initial baitwould be a little more sheltered from the now gusty wind. Strong gusts too. On arrival I made for the most sheltered part of the water. More for myself but I also thought, if I was a fish would I sit in the water being chilled by the wind? Probably not. Ok then, it really was for my own comfort, and usually catching a fish or two and ones own comfort don’t go hand in hand. After setting up I started the session on a small pellet looking to pick up any fish already present in the area. I was fishing a comfortable distance from the bank. Any further and my float rig was blown mercilessly by the now persistently strong wind. It was necessary to keep adding a few inches to the rig to find that balance that kept the rig from moving through but also one where the float didn’t pull under. This is something that I learned how to do fishing the canals when I was younger. Some days though a moving bait will outscore a still one. Something for me to keep in mind. After roughly 30 minutes I had my first bite of the day. The fish was lively and more powerful than I expected. It turned out to be a rather pleasing and plump tench in the mood for a winter snack.

A lovely green surprise

Once the tench was returned I proceeded as I had been doing but bites did not materialise. It was time to switch to red maggot. I had been feeding one or two every five minutes since I had arrived. I had no interest on double maggot and none on single. Strange. The next time the rig was reeled in I took off some depth so the undertow would give the bait some movement. On the very first cast the float faltered and sank from sight and fish number two was hooked. A lovely crucian/goldfish hybrid of around two pound.

This is more like it

I now had a run of these lovely plump fish, six in total, the biggest just over two pound with the smallest being around a pound. All taken on single red maggot. Get the bait acting naturally, and in the undertow I was assuming the other free offering were moving a little too, and the fish should follow. All in all, It was a good short session that produced a few bites in rather horrible conditions. At least I had got out for a few hours and caught some lovely fish. Pleasingly they were all in excellent condition too.

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Until Next time tight lines



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