Simply about being there (Entry 63)

And trying to catch a few fish too. It’s been a few weeks since I have been out on the bank. I’ve been busy but also have had a few issues going on. They still are but I’m trying to not let them get in the way of going fishing. So a session of simply ‘going and doing’ and seeing what turned up was in order.

IMG_3009I made my way to a small club water I used to enjoy fishing a lot when I was younger. It’s full of small crucians and goldfish, with some surprisingly nice roach mixed in too. There’s the odd tench and chub and I’m told by some people some big old eels but I’m not interested in these. I’ve just realised I’ve still never actually caught an eel. Despite IMG_3008fishing rivers frequently and ponds that are flanked by such waterways. Anyway, not having to fish very far out and with it being a lovely still day I set up as I used to do with a pole float on a running line. Just heavy enough to get the rig to where I needed to fish. There was no wind to deal with at all, so sinking the line was not needed. I shot the float to a dimple on the surface and fished just an inch over depth. These are finicky fish at the best of times but come autumn they are even harder to tempt. They may be small but they don’t give themselves up any easier. I fished a very light bottom just a pound breaking strain with a diameter of 0.07mm. A small size 20 hook completed the rig and a caster was duly selected, the hook pushed inside to stop the hook snagging on any bottom weed. I only had casters with me. No, I tell a lie I had a few small 3mm pellets too, but I never used to use these years ago. Today they would stay in my bag then. A few casters were fed. By a few I mean three. Yep, just three. My rig followed them in, sinking slowly through the crystal clear water. The lighter coloured casters sinking quicker than the darker ones. With the float now settled I began the wait for any signs of crucians or goldfish in the swim.

IMG_3029-EditAfter a few minutes the heavens opened. Up went the brolly and out came the coffee. This was one heavy shower. So heavy that the rain drops made my float sink. I reeled in and waited for it too pass. I took in the surroundings whilst I did the same with the coffee. Some twenty minutes later, coffee finished, I sent the rig back out into the swim. Almost immediately concentric circles rattled from the tip. And again, before it started to glide across the surface. I struck into my first fish of the day. Actually, I didn’t. I missed the bite! Three more casters fed and in the process was repeated. Another twenty minutes went by before the float moved again, this time it moved beneath the surface. That’s what I like, unmissable bites!

IMG_3016It was a lovely 8oz roach, rich with dark blues and creamy yellows. Roach in clear water are stunning fish indeed. Carrying the black spot I remember so vividly. It’s larval stage of some form of parasite ingested when the fish feed on water snails (where the parasite had been waiting in the liver of the snails – nice). The fish always appear healthy and I remember reading that there is no lasting damage done. In fact they are often absorbed by the fishes immune system. I carried on fishing, feeding a few casters every fifteen minutes or so, and began to catch a few pristine brown goldfish of around 5-6oz. I also lost a few that found the sanctuary of the weed before I had chance to do anything about it. They don’t half fight for little fish. Especially when you are on light tackle.

IMG_3020Four hours later I had caught around ten brown goldfish, one small crucian and one roach. It had been totally absorbing trying to coax these little fish. I wondered where the time had gone. Yes, I had certainly enjoyed this session. A little journey back to my childhood where I had been similarly captivated in trying to catch these chunky, golden fish.

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