More or less river carping (Entry 61)

A short update this week owing to the fact that I have been after river carp again. Without any success I might add. I am certainly learning about the river, and to a degree how to adapt rigs to suit the conditions I’m faced with. Put simply though, I’m just not finding any fish. That is the problem. My pre-baiting doesn’t seem to be working or maybe I just haven’t give it long enough yet. Either way I’ll take you through the week by means of it being a record more than anything else.

IMG_2881These are the kind of swims I’ve been looking for and baiting. A mass of tangled branches, roots and debris. They overhang the water quite a way and therefore allow me to bait an area upstream (towards the left of the photo) and place two rods downstream of this at varying lengths. One rod usually within a few metres of the baited area and the other further away (towards the right of the picture). Usually this rod is placed up the shelf in shallower water. This shallow water is still five feet, the depth in the middle of the river can be anything up to twelve. Anyway, I have been baiting up with a mixture of hemp and very finely liquidised tiger nuts. Some pigeon conditioner has been used to bulk up the mix a little and keep costs down. This has been going on the spots over the last eight days, every other day, during which time I have not fished.

IMG_2889When I have been fishing a swim I have been feeding a small amount of hemp and a few whole tiger nuts. Then presenting a running leger over the top with a critically balanced tiger nut on the hair. As said earlier the bottom can be silty in the deeper areas and choddy in the margins so I’m positive the bait will be resting on top if this and visible to any carp. The rigs have been left in the swim for three or four hours before I head to a different swim and repeat the process one more time, twice if I have enough hours left.

IMG_2898So I have covered quite a lot of ground now and fished a few different swims along this length that once held a lot of carp. They have to be much thinner on the ground than they used to be. In the hours I have been fishing I have only seen one fish roll that was remotely ‘carpy’. It made a large bow wave on the far bank margin. Although I only saw it peripherally the fish had a dark brown back and long dorsal. I’m pretty sure it was what I was after. I tried casting to this fish with a PVA bag and a scattering of freebies over the top but no bite resulted.

I am going to keep the bait going in for one more week and hope that, as I have said previously, I am in the right place at the right time when a carp is feeding on one of my baited areas. Got to keep positive I guess. It will be worth it in the end. If nothing happens in then next week or so I will have to once again put it on my to do list as there’s other species I want to turn my attention to.

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8 thoughts on “More or less river carping (Entry 61)”

  1. Prebaiting with hemp on a river for carp is not a great idea. Everything in the river loves hemp and it won’t last more than a few minutes. Tiger nuts are a bit better, but I wouldn’t be crushing them or bulking out. To be honest the best thing you could do I believe would be nice big boilies, maybe airdried. Not cheap but far more effective.

    1. It’s fair point as obviously up to now it’s not been effective. I was working on the assumption that any feeding activity might help in drawing some carp attention and then the tigers would be there. I’ve never done this before as I have said, its a learning curve. I think that next season I am going to start a little pre baiting during the closed season. I may very well turn to a boilie approach then. It’ll give me a few months to spread the cost out at least. Thanks for your comment! Have you done much river carp fishing? 🙂

      1. The only specific river campaign I did was on The Dane and resulted in two carp over a few weeks. I’ve targetted them on The Ribble (and failed) too. Also lost a good one on The Wharfe.

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