Driftbeater distraction (Entry 60)

This weeks update sees me not after carp, though they’ve not been forgotten, but bream on a cheshire mere. They go to good sizes and although I have never fished for its bream, I have seen them caught, certainly above 8lb. Lets be realistic though, I wasn’t expecting to bank one of these on my first trip, especially using the method I had chosen. Don’t get me wrong, the method is a good one and its certainly an enjoyable one to use. It will work for the bream too. No, I was more concerned with finding these bream or their patrol routes. But, and it is a big but; would they feed in daylight?

IMG_2856The method itself would feature the use of a driftbeater float. Just something different to chucking out a method feeder or suchlike. A bulk of shot two feet from the bottom, with two large BB shot anchoring the float in position. The float itself is set around ten inches over depth and set to a dot by carefully winding the float down. A bite will either be a pronounced lift or it would simply disappear from sight. Usually the former. There really isn’t too much to the method. Apart from changing the length of hook length to suit how the fish are feeding. Sometimes it can be as little as three or four inches, but if the fishing is hard then I have no problem putting twelve inches on the deck. Its another case of trial and error and learning from it. Fully expecting to catch later in the day, if at all, I had a lie in until nine o’clock (imagine that) and took my time getting everything ready, cooking a good meal before I left. Eventually sometime after eleven o’clock I arrived at the water. To find it pretty much full with carp anglers. Damn. Not much had come out in the night was the general consensus. Unfortunately with the swims offering deeper water already taken I had to re-think. A little disappointed I settled on fishing a smaller, but deep water just behind the intended water. Tactics would remain the same.

IMG_2858It was better than heading elsewhere or indeed sitting at home. Swim settled upon and depth found, in went five orange sized balls of groundbait laced with 2mm and 4mm pellets, a few larger ones and a helping of sweetcorn. I planned to fish pellet, corn or a large dendrobaena on the hook. I started on corn, two grains in fact. With the rig in the water and set, I settled back, sure I would be in for a wait. Again, the hardest part is finding where these bream are and getting them feeding. They seem very nomadic and don’t spend too long in one area. Other possible species are tench which grow to a similar size and a small head of carp to low double figures, with the odd grass carp too.

IMG_2854On the far bank I watched a heron hunting small fish in the margins. He seemed to be struggling, as did the other anglers on the water. Just a few small roach and gudgeon making an appearance. I had been fishing for roughly an hour when I changed bait to a pellet. I had been casting every fifteen minutes or so to different parts of the baited area. Only one little indication to show for it. Probably a small roach or rudd. Another twenty minutes went by and I reeled in once more and changed to a worm. Splitting in half and hooking both sections I recast the rig. To my amazement the float immediately lifted. I struck and a healthy bend formed in the rod. A powerful little fish made its best attempts to find sanctuary. It felt almost certainly like a small tench. A minute later it came up through the deep water and was in the net. On a slow day I was very pleased with this little 2lb tench caught on a traditional bait so synonymous with the species. The humble worm.

IMG_2849Over the next few hours very little happened. There was the odd quick lift of the float but nothing positive. No feeding activity, and not very many fish showing. I did see one tench IMG_2851roll late afternoon but other than that the lake was in one of her moods. I decided to fish until dusk however. The countryside is so peaceful around here, apart from the odd passing car or group of cyclists on a trip out. About half an hour before leaving I hooked another fish, again on worm, which fought a lot less frantically than the tench. A bream for sure. Not a huge fish at a guess around 2lb in weight but it put a happy end to an otherwise tough day. I would have much rather had been on my intended water but at least I caught a few fish regardless. Another River carp episode next time I think. Hopefully the cool nights will hold off a little while longer. I’ve been steadily introducing some feed in certain areas. Hopefully it’s not gone unnoticed by the carp. I might try some tiger nuts on this visit and I’ll be fishing mobile working on the basis that if I have not had a bite in a pre-baited area in two hours there’s probably not any feeding fishing present. I can only hope I drop on some fish!

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