Hardly an update at all (Entry 56)

I don’t want this weeks update to turn into a rant. I’ve not had the best weeks and to top it off the death knell was rung for my pole. Not much fishing was done at all. In fact, probably less than twenty minutes. Firstly let me explain what I was after, and tell you what I caught in those few minutes.


With not much time to spare I headed for a club water that is very well stocked with roach, rudd, crucian hybrids, brown goldfish and small carp. I was looking forward to a laid back session and hoping to catch a mixture of those species. I planned to fish sweetcorn over a few similar loose offerings and the obligatory micro pellets. I decided upon the swim above and settled in nicely. Plumbing up to fish just up from the bottom of the marginal shelve to my right, under the canopy of the trees, I fed the swim and had a drink.

IMG_2746The first put in produced a bite and good little scrap was underway. The culprit, a little ghost carp of maybe 12-14oz. A good start indeed. Really good fun on balanced pole gear. I fed a few more pellets, too many in fact, as the next few put ins I missed a string of bites. The bottom being churned up by hungry mouths. Preoccupied no doubt by the little pellets, I switched hookbait to a small pellet and immediately connected with another fish. This time a mini common carp, no more than 3oz. Four more followed before the fizzing in the swim subsided. Learning from my mistake I fed less liberally and two lovely plump goldfish/crucian type fish followed.


I was having fun and was sure that with time and careful nurturing of the swim, the fish would no doubt get bigger. Everything was great. Then it happened again. For about the sixth time in the few years I’ve owned it, the fifth section of my pole gave way on shipping out. Its a horrible sound. A crunchy, gritty sound. The carbon fibres tearing and ripping. It has to be said that this is the worst pole I have ever owned.

I have had it just a few years and I expected, with careful use, for it to last a good few more. I guess the fact the fifth section gave way on the day I received it should have told me something. This section was kindly replaced. It did take a month for the company in question to send it out though. I had to send it back to the shop I bought it from, for them to send it back to the company. The company then sent the replacement back to the shop, who then sent it to me. How efficient! A year later the fifth section went again in the same place. The pole was now out of warranty so I have been wrapping it in carbon every since. Now there is no strength left and its too expensive to replace. Costing a fifth of the price I paid for the pole! Madness.

Anyway, I apologise for the rant but as you can imagine I am pretty disappointed. The company in question definitely wont be seeing any more of my money in the future.

Apologies for anther short update.

Until next time,



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