The evil hayfever (Entry 51)

Only one session to report on this week and just a short one. To be honest I have felt pretty unwell with allergies this week, which started on the session I will tell you about now

The session took place in the middle of the day. A bright, warm and windy day. Not ideal conditions but I had to make do. It was the only time I could spare and it was better than not fishing at all. Arriving at a club water with minimal tackle and bait, my plan was to enjoy a couple of hours float fishing and see what turned up. Boy, that sun was warm. I chose a swim offering me some cover close in and plumbed up a swim. Feeding in some small pellets I knew almost instantly that there was fish present. Small patches of bubbles appeared on the surface of the coloured water. They looked very much like crucian bubbles. I poured a drink and let them feed uninterrupted for a while. A bout of heavy sneezing followed and some scratchy eye itching. The dreaded hayfever. It really does spoil the ambience, I thought as I tried to subdue the relentless sneezing.

IMG_2287Sneezing over, at least for now, I hooked a small pellet onto the hook and lowered the rig in quietly. The float settled and it wasn’t long before it was lifting back out again.  I connected with a fish which jagged about determined. Golden flanks flashed below the surface. It looked and felt like a small crucian. Except it wasn’t a crucian at all but a small brown goldfish. Perfectly formed. In all honestly, it was a stunning looking little fish. I returned it and repeated the process. The float settled and lifted almost straight away. This time I was into a small crucian of maybe 4oz. I fed a few pellets and attended once more to another bout of sneezing. Once over, a good few minutes later, I re-baited and got the rig back in the water. I had a good run of small crucians and brown goldfish over the next half an hour, interspersed between my streaming eyes and tingly nose. I wasn’t enjoying the pollen one bit but was thoroughly enjoying catching these lovely fish. Most of the fish were under 6oz but were ‘fresh out of the mould’.

IMG_2293A nice surprise toward the end of the session came in the form of some quality roach that required the net. Lovely fish, close to the pound barrier, but not quite there yet. They fought harder than any of the other fish on the day and were a lovely change from the crucians and goldfish. Also they seemed to like pellet, and bizarrely, the midday sun didn’t seem to put them off either. I had four of them in total before the swim eventually died along with my enthusiasm, now well defeated by the evil grass pollen.

IMG_2297I did plan to get on the river mid week but, as I touched on in the introduction, the hayfever caused swollen sinuses. Which meant a few days of medication and no drive to prepare. I’m feeling a lot better now and I cant wait to head out again in the next few days.

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