Nostalgia saves the day (Entry 46)

Only a short update this week as I have been away for a few days and have only done one short session. I planned originally to go out tench fishing but I couldn’t find the time to pick up the things I needed so off I went to a small pit after carp.

I hadn’t fished the venue since I was 14, over 15 years ago, and in that time the water has changed a lot. Old wooden pegs have been removed, the weed that used to choke the water at certain times of year, has been managed leaving only a select few areas still thick and green. Speaking to the club bailiff on his round a few grass carp had been stocked as part of the weed management and they have grown on to good weights, with some fish now over 20lb. The carp in here reach a similar weight but there are far more doubles, with a good helping of small single figure fish. Because of this split in fish weights I fished differently on both rods and in very different areas.


The right hand rod I fished at a range of about 30 yards where I had found a clear spot in between a little weed to the right and a deeper, siltier spot to the left. Definitely a gravel area, the lead bouncing around and sending tiny tremors up the rod blank. The water was around nine feet deep, maybe a little more. Here I fished a combi rig with a 15mm critically balanced hookbait over a small bed of boilies. Simple really but I hoped this might prove the downfall of a quality carp. My left hand rod was fished on the marginal shelf around 20 yards out and well away from my right hand rod. I fished just past the weed between me and the slope in around five feet of water. More debris on the bottom in this swim but nothing to worry about. Tactics were different on this rod, using 10mm boilies with small PVA bags of broken boiles and pellet, fished over an area fed with the same. From here I hoped to pick up a smaller stamp of carp and maybe tench.

Combi Rig

With a strong and rather cool northerly wind blowing into one end of the pit I chose to fish on the back of it where I had a hunch the carp would be. I arrived just after midday and intended to stay until eleven o’clock. At four o’clock I was beginning to doubt my location but after reeling in and having a wander around I didn’t see any fish elsewhere either so stayed where I had put my bait. There was a glimmer of hope on my right rod soon after casting both rods back out when I had a liner. Nothing materialised and I concluded that there was probably a lot of fish up in the water. Just as I was thinking this a carp shouldered out of the water, a lovely looking common. I didn’t have any pop ups with me to make a zig rig so I had to grin a bear it. I say this because from around seven o’clock onwards there was fish shouldering very regularly  all of them in the calmer water on the back of the wind. All right in front of me. My hunch was correct I just didn’t get where in the water right.


All in all I enjoyed the session even though I had no fish. I actually felt I fished well, casting and baiting accurately, finding the fish and the features that were in front of me. I just unfortunately didn’t have the fish feeding on the bottom and nothing to target them with in the upper layers. It pays to be prepared and I obviously wasn’t. Still it was lovely to think of all the session I had on here years ago and look back on all I have done in between, both in fishing terms and others. Being in the relative peace and quiet certainly is a great for doing that. Sorry the update was a short one and a blank too! Next time I’ll be crucian fishing and will hopefully have some fish to report back with.

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