A carp in the snow? (Entry 37)

I only just about managed to get out this week with the country once again being brought to a stand still by large amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. I really am wondering if there will be a springtime at all this year. It was a tough choice deciding where to go and what to target but in keeping with my last few sessions I made up my mind to keep on the carp trail and see if I could tempt one in these bitterly cold conditions. More of a challenge to myself than anything to be honest.

IMG_1592 copyThe scene that greeted me was a picturesque one. A windy, cold and largely white one that was more in keeping with a session after chub. As I trudged over the field to the water I made up my mind to fish very simply today. The water temperature could not have been much above freezing and I assumed that the fish would be in a torpid state conserving as much energy as they could. They certainly wouldn’t be in an active feeding mood so my best bet would be to fish a single hookbait and cast fairly regularly,  searching as much of the water as I could in the hope of landing the bait within distance of a carp. I had put a few pink and yellow 10mm Pop Ups in a small tub to glug at the end of last weeks session, just for a bit of added scent to hopefully stir a fish into taking the bait.

IMG_1593Not long after setting up the snow began to fall fairly heavily. The wind blew it from all directions and the conditions conspired to make it hard for me to keep the motivation needed to search the water. I did though, in between warm cups of tea, of course. I left the bait in position for no longer than 45 minutes. I have a pretty good picture of the make up of the lake bed after fishing here a few times now, so I can largely avoid any problem areas of dense rotting leaves. Problem only in the fact they hamper presentation somewhat but this could be rectified by fishing a chod rig. Today however I chose to avoid these areas instead.

IMG_1596The first bite came within ten minutes of the second cast and was a small crucian hybrid. Quite how this fish can be properly hooked on a 10mm Pop Up is a mystery to me but they certainly find a way fairly often. When fishing bags I think they accidentally take just the hook when picking up the pellets around the hookbait but this obviously disproves that point as I wasn’t using bags today. Anyway, one for me to ponder and as always I was quite happy to have got a bite considering the weather. As I cast, and recast, the 45 minutes in between seemed to get longer. Time seemed to be slowing down. The cold felt bitter and was made even worse by the relentless easterly. I feel like I have wrote the last group of words a lot in recent updates and its because I have. I can’t wait for a warm southerly to bring the temperature up a notch.

I had no other fish during the session, though I had to endure the line freezing in the rod rings (a little glycerine cured this) and numb fingers finding it harder to deal with boilie stops and such like. I made my way back to the car just before dusk. I was cold enough and the lure of a warm bath and some hot food was too great. I have some time off work coming up so I can hopefully fit a few more sessions in the next few weeks. Now if only the conditions will read the script. I’ll leave this short update with a final picture of the crucian I caught in the resting margins where he stayed for around 20 minutes after me returning him. It was nice to have a little company.

IMG_1599Thanks you for reading and if you have enjoyed it why not follow my blog, either on here or on twitter @NorthwestFish. That way you will be notified when I update which incidentally is every Saturday morning. Tight lines.

Until next time,



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