Fishing for silvers and bonus fish on canals pt. 2 (Entry 18)

I’ve been ill this week so I have been unable to get out on the bank. Instead of not posting I thought I would make a short entry finishing up how I fish for silvers and bonus fish on canals that I started a few weeks ago. With only bait and feeding left to cover I dont imagine the post will be especially long but it has some nice pictures to accompany the writing. So without further a do…


I have great faith in casters at any time of year but in autumn and winter, when I do a lot of canal fishing, I dont feel ‘right’ if I dont have some with me. You can guarantee if there are any half decent roach present that they will fall to a delicately presented caster. Simply feed them little and often with a little chopped worm or hemp when the time is right and you can expect good catches. But the real beauty of casters is that they will also tempt those bigger fish, such as perch and chub, especially if fished to the far bank shelf. The catch of roach an rudd above came to such an approach at the end of spring. The same session also saw me connect with the carp pictured below. Somehow after a 15 minute battle the 0.9mm bottom and 18’s hook held and 14lb of carp lay in the net. It goes to show how good casters are on the cut.

I mentioned feeding a little of another bait. Usually this will be worm or corn. In my opinion both go well with caster and depending on what bonus species I think will be present, will dictate which I choose. On my local canal I have had good results with corn for tench, bream and carp whereas I prefer worm for perch and chub. I simply then use the other feed option as a change bait which, more often than not, brings about a better stamp or a bonus fish. It doesn’t always work, but it cannot harm the fishing on the right day.

Of course the other great canal bait would be bread. Punched and liquidised bread is a deadly combination in winter for putting together a net of small roach whilst priming your far bank caster line in the hope of some bigger fish later in the session. However using a bigger punch and feeding the liquidised bread slightly more aggressively in summer months has seen me make good catches of bream and tench. One particularly good session is pictured below. In just a few hours fishing one summer morning I banked two 4lb tench and six between 1lb-2lb using a 7mm punch feeding balls of liquidised bread with a few casters over the top. Surprisingly I caught no roach that day which was a little strange. When fishing this way I like to present the bread a few inches over depth which lets me hold the bait quite still, a presentation I think bigger canal fish like. When fishing the punch for small fish in the winter I like to have the bait about an inch off the bottom and fish over a walnut sized ball of bread, waiting for bites to dry up before re-feeding.

Im sorry this entry has been so short but I thought that it was better than not updating. I hope to be on the bank this coming week so will hopefully have the blog running as normal again by then!

Until next time,



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