Tench in the sun (Entry 8)

This week I returned for a very late tench fishing session at the water I will be concentrating on come next spring. I am fishing the water now simply to get an idea or a feel for it by simply fishing a few pegs and finding out the topography of the water. Making notes for me is essential. Any interesting features need to be noted down so that I can quickly locate them the next time. And although the weather conditions were far from favourable for tench fishing, I did find an interesting feature that obviously held some fish.

The swim above offered the choice of a lot of water and it looked largely featureless apart from the thick canadian weed bed in the shallow margins. Behind this weed bed the water dropped to a depth of around 10 feet very quickly and didn’t change much until I casted a distance of about 60 yards where it dropped away to about 18 foot. During my time casting around I had noticed some very tench-like bubbles appearing from an area about the size of a dining table to my right about 35 yards out. This area turned out to be a deeper gully in the largely flat 10 foot area of water. It was a few feet deeper and was obviously holding fish. Great. I fired out two or three balls of the groundbait and particle mix I was going to use and went about setting up my simple inline method rig.

The rig is very simple. I use a 10lb mainline as the water is very weedy at the moment and I wanted to be sure I could pull any fish through the weed if needed. I then start with 50cm of sinking rig tube pushed into a tail rubber fixed to a 1oz inline lead. This lead fits over a size 8 swivel but is lose enough to dislodge should any accidents happen. The hooklength is 8lb braid and is 4 inches long. Hook is a size 14 barbel specialist hook. Simple but very effective for tench. I planned on moulding my method mix around the lead and re casting every 20 minutes. And for hookbait I use one piece of fake corn on the hook and balance this with a number 6 shot so it just about sinks.

I had plenty of feeding fish activity over the deeper area I had located and it took only an hour for the first screaming run. It felt like a good tench but shortly into the fight I suffered a hook pull. These things happen and I quickly had the bait out in position again. There’s no point getting annoyed at things like this. Its just the nature of the method especially when the fish are running into weed. By now the sun was very hot and the carp in the water were taking advantage as they usually do basking in amongst the floating weed. Of course daytime isn’t the best time to fish for tench and I had intended on an early start, only arriving later than planned due to heavy traffic on the motorway.

After another few hours I had my second and last bite of the day. It turned out to be the tench above. It didn’t feel as heavy as the one I lost but even so weighed a respectable 4lb 4oz. packing away an hour later when the sun was at its highest I was very pleased with the session. I had found a swim with an obvious fish holding feature that could prove invaluable come the spring. I had tried out a new method and particle mix and the fact I have caught on a day when others struggled has given me a lot of confidence.

Realistically I probably wont have another tench fishing session now until the spring and it was nice not to blank in such unfavourable conditions. Unfavourable for tench at least. You simply cannot complain about sitting in such beautiful surroundings in some late summer sun.

Until next time,



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