The bad patch continues (Entry 7)

Two sessions this week spent crucian fishing. Both on quite different venues but both with a similar result. Let me take you through one of these sessions and explain how I went about tackling them.

Well what a swim! If could have designed a crucian swim it would pretty much look like the one above. The swim itself is situated on a two acre pit quite literally in the middle of no where. It’s absolutely idyllic. The depth averages about four feet with a shallow shelf round the edges of about a foot. The water is quite literally choked with beds of small lilly pads and I assumed this must harbour a rich larder of insect life for the fish to feed on. Due to the rich aquatic life the fish would probably be used to feeding on small insects and such so I decided to use natural baits in one swim, namely caster and hemp, and in my second swim adopt a more modern approach using pellets. I had no idea which one would turn out the better swim and I was interested to find out in the end which one produced the most or best fish.

After an hour I had my first bite on double caster and it turned out to be the roach pictured above. It weighed about 8oz and was fin perfect. This signalled a run of roach of a similar size, as well as some rudd, but of the crucians no signs could be seen. Not in my swims nor anywhere else in the lake. No tell tale bubbles. No fish rolling in typical crucian fashion. I put some more caster and hemp in and switched to the pellet line. Maybe some crucians had been drawn to the fishmeal aroma. The swim produced fish straight away but they were of a smaller stamp than the caster and hemp line. I persevered using a 4mm expander pellet with added scopex fished delicately under a light pole float. Small rudd after small rudd. Lovely little fish but not really what I was after. I debated changing the 4mm expander pellet to banding a bigger 6mm hard pellet. It works for F1’s on commercials when silver fish are a nuisance so why shouldn’t it work here? But for some reason it just didn’t feel right. The water clarity put me off and if anything I wanted to scale down not up. So I continued to play the numbers game. In the back of my mind I knew I could always try this on my next visit. I am even thinking about a less romantic approach of a small inline lead wrapped with groundbait with a small piece of fake corn to critically balance the end tackle. Its not classic crucian fishing but if the lakes stocking of decent crucians is quite sparse then I just cant fish with a float. I wouldn’t be able to fully concentrate from dusk until dawn on a tiny dimpled down float.

The session eventually came to and end when the light went about 9:30pm. Club rules mean that you cannot fish this particular venue at night so I once again packed away without a big crucian. Because I didn’t see any signs of them throughout the session I can’t conclude that my approach didn’t work as it may have been that the fish simply weren’t there or they were not feeding. The venue to me is a classic crucian venue and deserves some perseverance. I will most definitely try here again and will fish very similarly. I will be scaling down the tackle however just to see if this makes an difference. It’ll certainly give me a bit more confidence. And as we know sometimes in fishing this can be vital.

Until next time,



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