Big crucians are hard to find (Entry 2)

Back from an exploratory crucian session on a deep sand pit that I was fishing for the first time. The session itself proved to be very insightful, if a little disappointing, read on and let me explain.

As you can see from the picture above, I settled into a likely looking swim with depths in the margins of four foot and just a rod length out of nine foot. I decided to fish at the bottom of the shelf, not only is it a classic crucian haunt, but with the very clear water, I wanted to give the fish the greatest chance of feeling comfortable feeding there. It was an early start for me, arriving at the water just before dawn. I tried hard to ignore the tales I had been told of the ‘Grey Lady’ who is said to wander around the lake, well, the lake itself is situated on the site 400 year old Quaker burial ground. But, enough of that, back to the fishing!

I fished a simple lift method set up, a 13′ match rod and 5lb line as my mainline and a 6″ hooklength of 0.13mm Preston Power Line to a size 14 Korum S3 at the business end. I simply pinched an SSG shot above the hooklength and used a 5″ long peacock quill as the float. You’ll have to excuse the fact that I deleted the picture of the set up after I had uploaded the pictures to my computer, I’ll do better next time. Anyway, and hour into the session on a punched piece of meat fished over a few pellets, fed little and often, I had my first bite, and I struck into what felt, in the depths, a decent fish.

The fish above is what I landed and at 2lb 1oz is a lovely fish. The only disappointing factor from my point of view is the fact that it is obviously a brown goldfish or hybrid of some description. It will be very hard now for me to believe that the crucians in this water are true crucians especially as the very next put in resulted in a similar fish.

Again it was a beautiful looking fish but not a true crucian as I had been expecting. After this fish the swim did go very quiet, so much so that after a biteless two hours and with the sun getting higher in the sky, I decided to have a wander around the lake and see if I could spot any feeding fish in the shallower margins.

I did spot a lot of nice looking mirror, common and ghost carp on my wander around the lake, which is something to consider for a pleasure session or two, especially considering the fish seemed to be happily sifting the surface layers, taking to odd fly that had fallen out of the air. I did spot a few shoals of smaller, crucian looking fish but without catching them, I cannot say for sure they were true crucians and not just smaller versions of the two fish I caught earlier.

I will be back here during the course of the summer, it may just be a case of ploughing through the numbers in the hope of finding a needle in a haystack. Im sure if there are any true crucians in here however, that they have the perfect conditions to grow big and healthy. Here’s to a three pounder!

Until next time,



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